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1(2)(D) of Schedule 14 to the Legal Services Act 2007

(b)where the notification referred to in paragraph 5 mentions the name of a lawyer appointed by the licensing authority, it shall be addressed to that lawyer. 4. It shall be a criminal offence if a person in possession of those documents refuses, neglects or otherwise fails to comply with a communication referred to in paragraph 1. 14(1)Where the authorized body is a trustee of a trust, the licensing authority may apply to the High Court for a decision to appoint a new trustee to replace the trust. D+W. e)that the licensing authority is satisfied that an unreasonable delay has occurred — 12(1)The licensing authority may apply to the High Court for an order the disposition or destruction of documents or other property in its possession in accordance with section 8, 9 or 11. D+W (2)A production or supply order is an order — (3)The person designated by the approval authority may take possession of it. these documents on behalf of the approval authority. (4) It may do so when ordering for manufacture or delivery or at a later date. (2) Upon taking possession, the court shall send a notice to the following address: (9) If the court makes the order, it may issue any other order it deems appropriate with respect to the matter.

3. A bank or other financial institution with which a special account is held shall not be required to verify that it is treated correctly. (b) (in the case of a bank or other financial institution) has identified the branches in which it believes that the money to which the order relates is held. (iv)the business activity of another organization in which the officer or employee is or has been a manager or employee, or the practice (or previous practice) of the manager or employee; 7. An application referred to in paragraph 6 shall be submitted within 8 days of the notification of the person by the approval authority referred to in paragraph 5. (b)may be recovered by the recognised organisation as a debt to the approval authority. (b) Information relevant to the identification of funds held by the authorized entity or another person on its behalf. (ii)in the case of an injunction referred to in point (b) of paragraph 1 which was in the possession or control of that body and which came into the possession or control of the person against whom the order was issued, (10)This paragraph shall not apply where the powers conferred by this Part of this Annex can be exercised in accordance with paragraph 1, paragraph 2(e).

7(1)The licensing authority may apply to the High Court for an order that a person inform the licensing authority – E+W (i) by the approved entity in connection with a matter in which the person operates or has acted for a client or with a trust of which the person is or has been a trustee, or 3. The notification shall indicate that the taking of possession has been effected and the date on which the taking of possession has been taken. 8. The High Court may, at the request of the licensing authority, authorize the licensing authority or a person designated by it to take the measures set out in the Order in respect of a website allegedly operated or operated by or on behalf of the authorized entity if the High Court is satisfied that taking such measures to protect the public interest or the interests of customers (or potential or former customers) of the licensed entity. (c)if the money was received before or after the order. 2. This paragraph shall apply to any right to collect or receive claims to which the licensed entity is entitled in the course of its activities. (a)the approval authority has sent a notification to the recognised organisation requesting it to make a declaration within at least 8 days) after the period laid down in the notice; (b)where an authorisation granted to an organisation has expired (and has not been renewed or replaced by the approval authority). (b)any other person from whom the documents or property were obtained or from whom they were taken into possession. 3. The High Court may give a decision under this paragraph in respect of an liable party only if it is satisfied that the conduct (or part of the conduct) on the basis of which this Annex applies was committed with the consent or consent of the responsible party. (a)the approval authority has verified that one or more of the conditions of the licence of the recognised organisation have not been complied with; 5.

A person shall not be considered not to have challenged an order under paragraph 2 by paying a sum of money if the court is satisfied that the person: (a)to any person designated by the licensing authority; 2. The High Court may make the order if it is satisfied that there are grounds for believing that: — (2)The first paragraph shall be subject to any order for costs incurred on application to the court in accordance with this Annex. (b)in any other case, the person designated in the order as the designated beneficiary. 9(1)The High Court may, at the request of the licensing authority, issue a manufacturing or supply order – D+W. (3) Subsection 1 applies regardless of whether the amounts were received by the person whose holder the holder of the licence authority is in the possession of the court before or after the decision of the approval authority. (4) A communications order has an effect of not more than 18 months, as specified in the order. (a)the use of the approval authority to be able to exercise the powers conferred on it by this Annex which the approval authority reasonably needs in order to access the information contained in those documents. 10. The payment of sums of money to a person to whom a communication has been made under paragraph 5 has been made constitutes a criminal offence at a time when such payment is prohibited by the notification. (a)require a person to present or hand over documents to a person designated by the licensing authority at a time and place specified in the order, and (4)In this paragraph, the term “specified” means that it is specified in the decision of the High Court.

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